The School of Biology, Computation, and Information (BCI), reaching this year its eighth edition, as a joint event with the third FVG summer school on bioinformatics, aims at bringing  together teachers and students in Biology, Mathematics,  and Computer Science. The main goal of the School is to give an updated overview of interdisciplinary techniques and problems cross-bordering the three fields.

This year's edition will be dedicated to the study of cancer bioinformatics, with emphasis on  genetic and protein interaction networks involved and on multi-scale modeling of cancer tissues. The topics of the school will cover such issues as production and analysis of experimental data and construction and validation of mathematical and computational models.

The three distinguished speakers for this year's edition are Francesca Ciccarelli (Biology), Pietro Liò (Computer Science), and Luigi Preziosi (Mathematics) and the school will take place during the second week of September (September 09-13, 2013).

A workshop, with title Cancer Bioinformatics, will take place during the last day of the summer school, while poster session will be organized throughout the conference.

Organizing and Scientific Committee

  • Luca Bortolussi, University of Trieste (school co-director)
  • Alberto Policriti, University of Udine (school co-director)
  • Claudio Altafini, SISSA, Trieste (school co-director)
  • Alberto Casagrande, University of Trieste
  • Francesco Fabris, University of Trieste
  • Eugenio Omodeo, University of Trieste
  • Andrea Sgarro, University of Trieste
  • Carla Piazza, University of Udine


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